When looking at a supplement, you are looking for answers: What are the  ingredients? Will this help my xyz need? Is this cost effective? You can find something that seems good...but find it difficult to deal with. Another tablet/pill to take can be easily forgotten.


There's another way! Effervescent tablets, specifically our high-potency Xoul collection, are a fantastic option. Every formula is crafted with the raw materials your body needs to achieve a higher state of vibrancy. And their effervescent quality is more important than you may realize.


Check out these fantastic reasons to experience wellness with Xoul Effervescent Tablets:


1) Bioavailability

On the matter of cost-effectiveness, the question really isn't how many milligrams of nutrients are present, but how much will be absorbed.


Macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) have a relatively high bioavailability, meaning that a large percentage of the matter we eat is typically absorbed and responded to by the body. Micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, etc) have a much more intricate obstacle course between entrance and absorption. Specifically, the chemical makeup of these nutrients must be precisely crafted so the body can both recognize and access what you offer it through supplementation.


Effervescent tablets win on that issue, hands down. When you release the tablet into water and it begins to break down, you are activating Xoul blends to a living state that your beautiful, smart body can immediately recognize. By entering in a form that is not bound (such as a tablet or inside a capsule), the moment your cells meet the liquified nutrients, they are able to uptake and utilize a much higher percentage than most other supplements.


Effervescent products have been shown through studies to achieve this time after time. The formulas can enter and penetrate the bloodstream within as little as 15 minutes!


2) Convenient

As we mentioned above, tablets and capsules can be easily forgotten. Even if you do remember, packing or taking them in public can be tricky.


Effervescent tablets are super simple for all sorts of travel needs. Your life is too busy and exciting to care after capsules or deal with melted gummies. On a plane and want an immunity boost? Want an energy kick while bar hopping? At work, school, home, gym, camping?


Think of how much easier it would be (and more fun) to grab your water bottle and pop in a tablet, watch bubbles form, and enjoy the increased life force within just a few minutes.


3) Hydrating

This factor is a matter of smart Xoul design. Our bodies NEED water, much more than we often realize. Dehydrated cells do not work as efficiently, making us tired. Lack of efficient water intake has been linked to autoimmune disease, sleep trouble, anxiety...and more.


Due to the fact that Xoul's tablets require any liquid of choice, you will automatically be hydrating by taking your supplement. Besides the reasoning above, proper hydration is extra necessary when taking any supplementation. Yet, with most tablets or capsules, we may only take a swig or two from our water bottle and move on. Being very hydrated as the micronutrients enter our body enhances their uptake into our systems. Hydrated cells are also faster-moving cells. Because of this, our increase in water will assist a more even distribution of nutrients.


Xoul makes nutrifying your whole system an awesome experience. Wellness should feel amazing. Using effervescent tablets to achieve that state make the journey more accessible, convenient, and efficient. Make your hard efforts toward vibrancy turnaround in high levels  of success.